How To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat – 5 Simple Methods

How To Burn Stubborn Belly FatIf you’re tired of looking for tips on how to burn stubborn belly fat and how to get a slimmer and more attractive appearance for summer, here’s what nutritionists and trainers never tell you: abs exercises such as crunches don’t target fats stored around your mid-section! You won’t ever manage to burn stubborn stomach fat by doing only abdominal tilts, sit-ups or leg raises.

To lose stubborn belly fat once and for all you have to concentrate on compound training routines, incorporating strength exercises as well as cardio workouts. Through these combined workouts you’ll manage to build stronger legs and arms, to tone your abdomen, sculpt a nicely shaped butt and get an athletic and healthy figure.

So if you’re ready to find out which are the most effective exercises for burning belly fat fast (how to burn belly fat fast), keep reading the tips below!

How to burn stubborn belly fat with pelvic tilts

While this isn’t exactly the type of exercise someone would start with for losing stomach fat quickly (how to burn belly fat in a week), it’s one of the most effective workouts for abs in the long run because it trains the entire core area. To perform this exercise correctly you need an exercise mat and motivation for doing 5 sets of 10-20 repetitions daily.

Start by lying on your back with knees bent upwards. While contracting your abs and glutes, bend your pelvis up and hold for 8-10 seconds, until you feel your muscles are burning. Don’t forget to breathe properly and lower your body slowly between repetitions.

Your arms should lay relaxed on the floor, by your sides, and your abdomen should be tensed while lifting and lowering the body. Don’t worry if you can’t repeat the routine for 5 sets from the first time but concentrate on doing the exercise correctly. You’ll see improvements in your abs appearance sooner than expected!

How to burn stubborn belly fat with green tea

Green tea is perhaps the most popular weight loss beverage except from coffee, its health benefits being known and explored for centuries. This tasty beverage is extremely rich in antioxidants which strengthen your immune function, fighting against free radicals and promoting detoxification.

All these effects are helpful in weight loss as they improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system as well, enabling the heart to pump faster and to burn more calories during physical activities.

The Asian tea is known as a powerful thermogenic beverage and a strong metabolism booster, each serving of green tea accelerating fats oxidation and speeding up weight reduction. Enhanced fat oxidation processes lead to an increased production of energy inside the organism so besides being effective in destroying belly fat (how to burn belly fat naturally), green tea is also great for maintaining energy levels high and keeping tiredness away.

Burn stubborn stomach fat with kickboxing

The previously described exercise was for strengthening core muscles and getting a better defined and stronger abdomen. But what serve six packs abs for if they’re covered by fats? As already said, your purpose is not only to build muscles but also to burn fats and this can only be done through complete training routines.

So next you’ll concentrate on some very entertaining and demanding cardio training: kickboxing! Why should you choose this form of physical activity? Because it burns 500 calories an hour when done correctly and trains not only the abs but also the arms, shoulders, thighs and butt. And we agreed there’s no such thing as spot reduction, so in order to burn belly fat you have to work your entire body.
For this exercise you’ll need a punch bag and a pair of gloves, but they’re not so expensive so it’s surely worth purchasing these items for always have them ready when you feel like burning some more calories! Raise your legs above the waistline, keep your muscles contracted while kicking the punch bag, use combined movements and an accelerated rhythm. You’ll no longer look for other tips on how to burn stubborn belly fat after trying this for at least 3 days a week!

Lose stubborn stomach fat through Yoga exercises

Yoga trainings are great for strengthening your body and improving posture so if you’re interested in how to burn stubborn stomach fat without diets and without cardio or weights machines, this type of physical activity can be the right answer.

Yoga positions not only tone your muscles but also help you improve your breathing techniques and this relaxes your body, eliminates stress and promotes an enhanced mood. How is this relevant for belly fat loss, you may ask? It’s well known that stress favors fats accumulation around the waist and triggers sugar cravings, so by keeping stress levels to a minimum you can shed off pounds easier.

The willow position is only one example of a great Yoga workout for trimming off belly fat. Start by standing with your feet together and arms at sides. Place the sole of your right foot on the inside of your left thigh, maintaining the knee bent and moving your arms to touch palms in front of your chest. Inhale and exhale slowly, maintaining your abs contracted. Hold the position for 3 breaths and then extend arms up, bending your torso to the right side. Straighten and switch sides, repeating the move 4-5 times for each leg.

Burn stubborn stomach fat with proteins from eggs

Contrary to the general opinion, eggs are excellent allies against excess pound stored around the mid-area of the body because they contain proteins and vitamin B12. Both these nutrients are known to accelerate fats metabolism and to enable the body to burn more calories while performing its daily tasks.

Moreover, thanks to their high protein content, eggs promote stronger muscles so you should try to include them into your menu at twice or three times a week. The best moment for eating eggs is breakfast as they’ll keep you properly energized throughout the day, helping you cope better with everyday tasks. Another way to serve them is to mix boiled eggs with a fresh salad containing green, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and corn.

Still, make sure you don’t exaggerate and stick to a healthy number of servings per week as too many eggs consumed daily can increase your cholesterol levels, putting your health at risk.

So if you’re tired of the bloated stomach, puffy waist and belly bulge, start applying these simple tips on how to burn stubborn belly fat today! Not only they’ll help you trim down fats covering your abs but they’ll also give you an extra burst of energy for a more active lifestyle!

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