How To Burn Belly Fat In A Week – 5 Tricks

How to burn belly fat in a week
When looking into how to burn belly fat in a week, the first things you’ll hear or read is ‘cut off junk foods’. While this is surely a must for anyone trying to burn stomach fat in a week, it’s not always helpful as some people already have healthy eating habits yet don’t manage to burn belly fat quickly.

This means their bodies are already too used to their eating and workout routine and some changes are required for boosting the metabolism and kicking the calorie burning furnace into high gear. So if you lack ideas, here’s how you can burn belly fat fast without even needing to hit the gym!

How to burn belly fat in a week with lemons

Lemons are the most effective fruits when it comes to shedding off pounds as they lower absorption of sugars, helping you burn belly fat quickly. Pectin present in lemon prevents sugars in foods from passing into the bloodstream as it forms a gel inside the stomach. Then, the high content of vitamin C in lemons is also responsible for lowering body fat percents and preventing excess pounds from being stored around the waist area.

Also, lemon juice accelerates the absorption of calcium, which plays an important role in fats oxidation processes. Calcium is stored in fat cells and according to scientists, the more of this mineral a cell contains, the easier it breaks down lipids for energy.
In order to burn stomach fat in a week, add lemon to your every meal. You can opt for a fresh homemade lemon puree with some honey for extra taste, or for lemon tea prepared by adding some lemon slices in boiled water. Drinking warm water with lemon right after waking up accelerates digestion and metabolism, providing lots of energy at the same time.

Burn belly fat with oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most recommended foods when it comes to losing excess fats around the waist as it keeps away hunger pangs, cutting off sugar cravings and making it easier to eat healthier. In order to burn belly fat fast without putting your health at risk you can replace your regular breakfast with oatmeal – try this for a week and get ready to see your flatter and better defined stomach!

This food contains huge amounts of fibers, which not only prevent bloating but also stimulate the elimination of toxins and lipids, accelerating weight reduction processes. Also, it improves the functioning of the metabolic and cardiovascular system, so you will feel less stressed and moody. Therefore, by including oatmeal in your menu you will no longer look for tips on how to burn belly fat in a week as you’ll start seeing improvements from the first days.

Besides the previously mentioned benefits, oatmeal also energizes and makes it easier to push your body to its limits while working out as it contains important amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins, all of them known to boost energy levels in the healthiest way possible! So if you’re struggling to lose stomach fat and don’t know what else to try in order to accelerate body fat reduction, a serving of oatmeal daily can be a great choice!

How to burn off belly fat in a week with air cycling

One of the most useful exercises that can help you burn belly fat quickly is air cycling. This exercise targets your lower and upper abdominals, strengthening mainly your core area but toning your legs and buttocks as well. To make it more difficult you can add weights to your calves or thighs but if you’re just starting with workouts it’s better to avoid too intense exercises until your body gets used to the routine.

And now let’s get back to this exercise and see how it is done correctly in order to burn off belly fat (how to burn off belly fat). Start by placing the exercise mat on the floor and lie with your back on the ground and palms place behind your head. Your legs should be raised and your knees bent to a moderate extent.

Start with slow cycling movements down continuously for 2-3 minutes then take a short break and repeat 4 times more. Make sure your abdominal muscles are contracted during the exercise and try not to raise your back from the floor while cycling.

Lose stomach fat in a week with almonds

If you’re still not sure how to burn belly fat in a week, try to replace your snacks with almonds. By eating a small serving of almonds each time you deal with hunger pangs you’ll no longer feel like grabbing a quick sugar-rich snack as your stomach will be filled and your blood sugar levels will be maintained at proper levels.

Almonds are known to regulate blood sugar, boosting fats metabolism through their high content of healthy mono-unsaturated fats. These fats prevent figure-destroying lipids from being absorbed and stored around the belly so they should be part of any weight loss diet. Still, make sure you don’t exaggerate and eat too many almonds as they’re quite rich in calories.

The best way to consume these foods is in their skin, as this way they deliver the highest amount of fibers. Avoid almonds with salt and additives, as these can compromise your weight loss attempts by favoring fats deposition around the waist area.

Burn stomach fat in a week with sit-ups

Sit-ups are highly effective when it comes to shedding off excess fats as they strengthen the abdominal muscles, improving posture and leading to a slimmer overall appearance. So get your exercise mat and start with 10 traditional sit-ups, then turn to incline sit-ups for increasing calorie consumption.

To do these correctly, prop your legs up on your bed’s side and lie down on the mat with your legs above head. Lift you back off the mat and bring your head towards your legs, while maintaining your abs contracted. 3 sets of 15 reps should be enough for your muscles to get tired if you’re only starting to work out but if you want to speed up the weight reduction process you should try to do 4-5 sets in a row, with 1-minute breaks between sets.

Adding a light weight – around 5 pounds – makes this exercise even more effective for those wondering how to burn belly fat in a week so you can surely use this strategy for getting rid of excess pounds around your waist faster. Again, do 3 sets of 15 reps and make sure your posture is correct as otherwise you can get injured.

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