How To Burn Belly Fat For Women – 5 Effective Methods

How To Burn Belly Fat For Women
Workout plans talking about how to burn belly fat – for women or men – often have one major fault: they offer general solutions but fail in addressing the underlying cause of weight gain. It’s well known that some body types store fats in the upper half while others gain more on hips, buttocks and thighs so a good workout plan for women looking into how to burn belly fat at home should take this aspect into consideration.

Of course the basic rules of weight loss (how to burn belly fat fast) apply to all female silhouette types but in order to sculpt a perfectly ripped abdomen and to achieve a flat and toned stomach, it’s crucial to understand hourglasses have different needs than pears or apples. So here are our best tips for burning the belly at home, with no expensive equipments, depending on your body type!

How to burn belly fat for women – the hourglass silhouette

Perhaps your friends envy you for your curvy and attractive silhouette but the truth is hourglassy figures have tough times getting rid of stubborn belly fat (how to burn stubborn belly fat), especially if their job is a sedentary one and they don’t have an extremely organized resting schedule. The best exercise for this body type is hula hoops! Energizing and funny, this intense cardio exercise boosts your metabolism, kicking your calorie furnace into high gear!

Forget about tiring and boring cardio routines – this exercise trims down fats around your waist, strengthens abdominal muscles and helps in overall weight loss. Besides, it enhances the mood and favors the elimination of excess water, so you will no longer have to worry about your puffy thighs or calves!

To increase calorie consumption and get the maximum of your hula hoops session, use some weighted hoops and maintain an accelerated rhythm for at least 20 minutes a day. This simple exercise will show you how to burn belly fat for women and look great in your skin again!

Best technique to burn belly fat for women – the pear silhouette

Pears generally have quite flat abs but they tend to store weight in their lower body areas so losing lower belly fat can really be a challenge for these women. Were you told you should run and do cardio six days out of seven? Cardio does help, that’s true, but running daily is surely boring especially when results don’t come overnight. This is why lots of women abandon it and look for other tips on how to burn belly fat at home.

What about mountain climbers? No, you don’t have to climb mountains to lose belly fat – a fitness mat is all you need for doing this calorie-burning exercise which tones all your core area, your legs and arms. So what you’re waiting for? Place the mat on the floor, get into the push-up position and place the balls of your feet on the floor, maintaining your body still. Contract your core and slowly lift your left knee towards your right arm. Get back to the starting position and do the same routine with your opposite leg.

Start with a lower intensity and progress slowly, increasing both the intensity and number of repetitions for each leg. Watch your breathing and focus on your abs and lower body – your muscles should become painful but for maximum results you should do at least 3 sets of 20 reps.

How to burn belly fat for women – the apple body type

Apple silhouettes store fats in the upper body areas, so if you’re one of these women you surely feel frustrated about your bloated stomach and your flabby abs. The good news is there are solutions for getting ripped abs and getting rid of belly fat extremely quickly even for this body type. So here’s the best exercise for toning your upper body, shedding off the figure-destroying fats around your waist and strengthening your lower body: leg raises.

This exercise helps you grow muscles mass in legs while trimming down fats covering your abs. So take the exercise mat, place it on the floor and lie on your back with your legs perfectly straight and extended in the air, forming a 90 degrees angle with the floor. Lower your legs slowly, trying to maintain your back flat and hold for 3-4 seconds when your legs form a 45 degrees with the floor. Then lower your legs until touching the floor and lift them up again, repeating the move.

Do this exercise at 10-15 times, 3 sets in a row, and combine it with push-ups and bodyweight squats. This way your upper half will become slimmer, your legs and buttocks will have more definition and look more muscular and your overall appearance will be improved.

Burn belly fat at home with abdominal holds

This exercise is excellent for all body types as it works the lower abdominal muscles, shaping your belly nicely. All you need for performing the exercise in the comfort of your home is a chair and 15 free minutes. Start in the sitting position, with your hands holding the chair’s edges for stability. Contract your abs and lift your feet from the ground, holding them extended. Hold the position for 10 seconds, release and repeat the move 10 times, for 3 sets.

Not only will this exercise show you how to burn belly fat for women silhouettes, but it will also help you tone your legs so after the first 3 sets you can do another variant of abdominal holds, by maintaining the same position but keeping your legs bent while lifting them. This time you’ll have to bring your knees towards your chest and hold for 5-10 seconds.

However, if you’re not comfortable with the position you can simply do the exercise on the floor, by sitting on the exercise mat with your knees bent and back slightly inclined.

How to burn belly fat for women? Eat monounsaturated fats!

Since when eating fats helps in getting rid of belly fat naturally (how to burn belly fat naturally), you may ask? Well we’re talking about monounsaturated fats here and these are essential nutrients for your organism! Saturated fats are those who add fat bulges around your waist but unsaturated ones are needed by your body to produce energy, keep blood sugar levels normal and prevent cardiovascular problems.

I’m sure you heard omega-3 is a must for a healthy diet – this is only an example of monounsaturated fats which are absolutely essential for your organism to manage weight properly. Unless you give your body these fats daily, it’ll start storing absolutely any fat it receives so instead of helping you drop pounds with the speed of light, a fat-free diet followed for long periods of time will actually prevent your body from losing excess pounds.

The best sources of monounsaturated fats are olive oil, avocados, olives, seeds and nuts, which besides being very tasty are also known for reducing hunger pangs and inducing a feeling of fullness. So make sure you add these in your menu if you really want to know how to burn belly fat for women in the healthiest way possible!

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