How To Burn Belly Fat Fast – 7 Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat

How to burn belly fat fast
When looking into how to burn belly fat fast, the first thing you have to understand is excess pounds around your waist don’t appear overnight so they can’t be miraculously burned unless you’re willing to pay a fortune on painful tummy tucks.

However, dieting and exercising can help you lose belly fat fast when incorporated into a personalized weight loss program. Why personalized? Because in order to burn belly fat naturally  you have to know your body and to understand the reasons fats accumulated around your waist. Only by identifying the real cause of your weight gain you can find the most appropriate ways to burn belly fat quickly, without putting your health at risk.

But this can be quite an overwhelming task if you’re not a professional trainer or a nutritionist. This is why we took the time to analyze and list here the best strategies on how to burn belly fat fast, without the need of cardio machines, expensive weight lifting equipments and complicated menus!

How to burn belly fat fast by changing your mindset

If you want to burn stomach fat fast  you have to start with your mindset. An unhealthy attitude towards foods and weight loss won’t do you any favor so instead of complaining about how difficult it is for you to control food cravings and how much you dislike exercising, try to adopt a positive mindset.

Think about the reasons you should exercise and eat healthier: it’s not because others do it, but because it will help you feel healthier, be more active and look better and rejuvenated. You’ll surely manage to burn belly fat quickly  once eliminating all the negative and stressful thoughts and accepting your body the way it is at the moment.

Weight loss begins in your mind so make sure you set a realistic goal and do your best to reach it. And by realistic we mean a weight goal that doesn’t put your health at risk by limiting the calorie intake drastically or by overworking your body.

Printing a photo with your desired body and placing it on the wall in front of your working desk can be extremely motivating so it’s a smart strategy to follow by anyone looking into how to burn belly fat fast. Not only it will stimulate you to workout harder but it will also act as an appetite suppressant whenever you’ll feel like grabbing a sweet snack!

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Burn belly fat fast through healthy diet choices

Speaking of snacks, the second major change you have to do in order to lose belly fat fast  is to give up, once and for all, to junk foods, sodas, pastries and sweet deserts providing nothing but sugars, fats and figure-destroying calories. If you care about your appearance and you consider yourself a health conscious person, keep in mind eating unhealthy products not only ads pounds around your waist but also increases the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Instead of eating a chocolate bar after a tiring day, have a cup of fresh fruits mixed with frozen yogurt. Not only it’s tastier and more refreshing but it can also help you burn belly fat naturally! Add fibers in your diet as they are essential for improving digestion, stimulating the metabolism and dropping pounds in no time.

Forget about acid drinks and drink more water daily. If you’re a coffee lover, have two cups daily as it speeds up the breakdown of fats, sustaining weight loss and controlling sugar cravings. Have salads for dinner and never skip breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day. Eating a rich in proteins breakfast will help you increase lean mass while working out.

Choose the cardio routine you like to burn belly fat fast

Even if you don’t have the time to hit the gym regularly you can still do cardio trainings to accelerate weight loss and burn stomach fat fast  in the comfort of your home. Don’t feel like running outside? Then try dancing – turn the music on and dance for 30 minutes a day. You’ll notice a huge difference in your sizes within only few weeks with this amazingly easy to apply strategy!

If you don’t like dancing, replace it with jumping rope or funny hula hoop sessions! Or buy a punching bag and do your own boxing sessions whenever you have 20 free minutes. If you love the treadmill but don’t have enough time to get to the gym daily, you can simply run in place while listening to workout music. As strange as it sounds, this often brings better results as it’s quite similar to HIITs – high intensity interval trainings.

While on the treadmill, lots of people tend to decrease the speed and set a longer time interval but running in place, in front of a mirror, can literary boost your metabolism. All you have to do is run as fast as you can for 3-5 minutes, maintaining your core area contracted and then rest for 1 minute. Repeat this at least 4-5 times for maximum benefits!

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Lose belly fat fast while resting

Burning off the belly fat  doesn’t have to be a stressful task – if it is, you’re doing it wrong! Don’t overwork your body as this does nothing but tiring your muscles and cardiovascular system, slowing down your metabolism and making fat reduction even more difficult. Give your body time to rest and to recover after running, dancing or doing complex exercises.

If you’re working in a stressful environment, you’re more likely to gain weight in the mid area of your body and if your job is a sedentary one, involving office work, then your posture is most probably an incorrect one while at the desk. Keeping your abdominal muscles contracted can help in preventing the saggy stomach aspect although won’t make fats go away.

To prevent pounds from being added around your waist, try to keep stress levels in your life their minimum. This way you’ll feel less tired at the end of the day and your natural defense mechanisms will stop asking for sugary rewards after each failure or whenever your energy levels drop. Not to mention you’ll stop looking for tips on how to burn belly fat fast as you’ll learn to be more tolerant with your body and to give it all the time it needs for getting in shape!

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Drink water to burn belly fat naturally

You know those people who pride themselves on losing 5 pounds in 2 days? Well here’s the truth: they don’t lose fats, they lose muscle mass and water. Dehydration is the one of the biggest enemies for someone trying to burn belly fat naturally as without enough water your organism won’t be able to function properly – you’ll start feeling tired, nervous, you’ll experience frequent hunger pangs due to increased stomach acidity.

Drinking more water helps in preventing muscle fatigue, allowing you to be more alert and active during the day so you’ll have a healthier attitude towards foods and physical exercises. Not to mention toxins in your blood will be eliminated easier so you’ll surely experience increased levels that will enable you to run faster, to do more crunches and squats and to take longer walks in order to speed up your fats metabolism.

Did you notice how puffy your hips and belly look like when you don’t drink enough water? This is because your body retains all the liquid it receives, just to make sure it has some extra reserves for bad days. But if you give your muscles enough water daily, they simply eliminate excess amounts, leaving your body slim and nicely shaped.

And the strangest thing is this rule applies to fats as well. Contrary to the general opinion, by depriving your body from fats you only encourage it to store as many lipids as it can when it receives even the smallest amount. But by eating healthy fats daily, your body will no longer need to create reserves thus it’ll simply burn them for energy.

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Push your body to its limits to burn stomach fat fast

We already agreed cardio exercises are essential for losing belly fat but strength trainings are important as well because they’re the ones that actually put the metabolism on fire, turning your body into a calorie furnace! When you do strength trainings, you tone and grow your muscles and it’s well known stronger muscles burn more fats.

So make sure you buy some dumbbells, an exercise mat and a stability ball and start doing squats, deadlifts, pushups, reverse crunches, leg raises, yoga stretches or Pilates. All these are excellent for toning your core area, slimming down the abs and removing love handles and lower abdominal fat!

Do mountain climbers, chair pushups and abdominal tilts, donkey kicks and lateral lunges and you’ll no longer look for tips on how to burn belly fat fast or for expensive weight loss programs!

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How to burn belly fat fast? Stay motivated

Last but not least, don’t lose your motivation as this will compromise all your efforts of shedding off the belly bulge. The key in losing excess pounds stored around your waist is to remember why you started the weight loss routine and which your ultimate goal is.

Yes, you will most probably feel that nothing changes and your body surely won’t look all toned and slimmed down after the first week but hey, we’re talking about healthy weight loss here and this takes time. I know you want to burn belly fat fast and get a sexy and attractive body but you have to understand the only way you can achieve this is by staying motivated and continuing the weight reduction routine even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Is it too rainy outside? Well you can simply workout indoor! You’re too tired to do 20 pushups in a row and don’t really feel like doing leg raises either? Start with something simpler but keep the rhythm alert and you’ll see how quickly you’ll regain motivation!

Remember, the best tip on how to burn belly fat fast is to stay motivated and determined even if you don’t see any change in your size after one week. There’s absolutely no chance to fail in burning the belly if you work your body out daily and follow the tips above! Does getting rid of stomach fat in a month sound good enough to you?